Wedding Photos for Haiti is a fundraising campaign that supports two missions in Haiti: St. Mary's parish in Barnesville, MD, which provides aid to its twin parish in Carcasse, Haiti, and Life Connection Mission in Montrouis, Haiti.

St. Mary's Parish in Barnesville, Maryland, has partnered with St. Joseph's Parish in Carcasse, Haiti, since 2008. In that time, St. Mary's has brought many improvements to St. Joseph's community, including:

  • The first internet service
  • The first doctor
  • A school
  • A parish center
  • A new well – clean fresh water is a luxury in Haiti
  • Support for coffee growers

St. Mary's is currently building a new church to replace the one destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

You can learn more about St. Mary's twinning mission in Haiti at this website:


Life Connection Mission is celebrating its 25th year of service in Haiti. The organization has built a medical clinic in Montrouis, Haiti, and also provides mobile clinic services to areas that cannot come to the clinic. LCM has also built a "mission school" that currently educates nearly 500 children from preschool through 13th grade. In addition, LCM provides food to hundreds of people daily who would otherwise go hungry. The organization also conducts an annual Christmas drive that provides hundreds of bags of rice and beans to the community.

You can learn more about Life Connection Mission at their website:

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